Why AIM?

As followers of Jesus we make it our ambition to please Him. We are committed to the belief that AIM is one way to experience and fulfill our commission to be disciples and to make disciples. We are AIMing to know our Lord. We are AIMing to serve His church. We are AIMing to go and preach the gospel to a lost world.

Think about this: Is it worth it for a young man or woman to give several years of their lives specifically devoted to studying God’s word and sharing it with people around the world? How would you even begin to measure that? What’s it worth for a mother to see her son become a Christian because some foreign young people came and taught him about Jesus? What is it worth for a person to become more like Jesus in their thoughts and actions? What is it worth for someone to struggle with such little financial support that they have to trust God to work it out? What’s the value of building a solid foundation of God’s word in your life that will last a lifetime? What’s it worth to see parents grow spiritually because of the faith of their son or daughter? And what’s it worth for young people to go through the rest of their lives with a deeper appreciation for what God has done for them? It is overwhelming to try to imagine all that God is accomplishing in people's lives through AIM students around the world. Is it all worth it?

Consider these words of a father and daughter who first discovered the challenges and adventures that an AIM experience can bring:

“It was incredibly hard to put our daughter on that plane yesterday. My wife cried all day long and I did sporadically. Traveling alone and meeting up with some people she has never met made us real uneasy. We hardly slept while she was flying over the Atlantic during the night. The guy who sat next to her was from a Christian based construction company in Lubbock. His company even helps support AIM. When the plane landed he prayed for her. Well this morning she called when she was at the home of the Missionary. …Feeling better.” - Dad

”I had to rush from one plane to the next to catch my overseas flight. I got there after everyone had boarded and was so scatterbrained. I sat down and realized I was actually moving overseas and started crying for the first time that day. I just sat down and stared out the window tearing up. A man with a big Texas accent leaned over and asked me if I was ok. Well that made me cry some more. When I told him about AIM, he said his company has a ministry branch and they supported AIM!! When we got off the plane he prayed for me! YAY GOD! I’m so excited and amazed at how God can work everything out. Well… my field is awesome.” - Daughter

Can you imagine yourself in one of those roles? When I first read those letters it made me teary-eyed! Why would someone put themselves in such a situation like that? Why would a parent allow or even encourage their child to go through such an experience? And yet, we see that it is crucial that young people go into these foreign cultures for Christ. How else will the lost ever hear the good news?

When Jesus sent His disciples out in Matthew 10, he knew that in order for people to hear the gospel there would also be a cost to be paid (v.16). Still, considering the cost, Jesus sent them anyway! This tells me that the Good News being shared with others is far more important than my physical comfort – at least Jesus thinks so. I believe that if there are heroes in the church today, it has to be those young men and women who have put aside the things that the world tells us are important for the sake of reaching the lost around the world. Their example challenges the church today to have a faith like that! Here at AIM, we are searching for individuals who desire to leave their comforts and securities to serve God in mission points around the world. If this describes you, then give us a call or email today and begin your Adventure In Missions!