What is AIM?

AIMers helping teach EnglishAdventures in Missions is a chance to make a difference in the world. As part of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX, AIM is an apprentice missions program for college-age young people. Adventures in Missions is a focused effort by and for Christian young men and women to work together to strengthen the church and bring the lost to Christ.

AIM begins with the Bible, the one book that explains to us how to be different. We not only study God's word but we also learn how to teach its good news to others. In the end, AIM students are apprentice missionaries learning, growing and serving on mission fields around the world.

AIM is a minimum two year commitment to study and grow and then to go teach and serve. Those who have taken the challenge of being AIM students have seen God transform their lives for him. Often times AIM students return from the mission field with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding of how they fit within the story of God's salvation for humanity. Thus, an AIM experience can be "life changing."

Your "AIM time" is divided into three levels of learning:

1. Bible Training

Studying the Bible in Class

The first eight months of AIM are spent in Lubbock, Texas studying God's Word and training for the field experience. Various classes are taught by the Sunset International Bible Institute instructors and the AIM staff. The first priority in the AIM education is the enrichment of each student's personal walk with Christ. "Spiritual Growth and Nurturing" is an example of a class that focuses on this objective. Some classes, like "Life of Christ," "Romans" and "Christian Evidences," are aimed at increasing personal knowledge and appreciation for God's plan. Other courses, such as "Mission Evangelism," are designed specifically to help the students share what they have learned with others. There is also a group of classes especially designed to help an apprentice missionary to understand other cultures, beliefs and people. Throughout it all, you will be involved in personal mentoring relationships with others who have "AIMed" before you.

We know that making a difference in people's lives takes much more than just knowing a lot of facts. So we are involved in campus ministry, small group Bible studies, volunteer work within the community and much more. We believe that a mission field is not just determined by location, but by the needs of the lost. That is why we want to learn to serve right here in Lubbock.

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2. Mission Training and Team Building

Service projects help teach AIMers how to serve.

Another component of AIMer preperation that takes place in Lubbock is that of mission training. During this time, teams are developed, ministry is learned, and service is practiced as a way to help the AIM students to prepare for the mission field. Often times, the process of forming AIM teams can be a difficult one as AIM leadership seeks to understand exactly how teams fit and work best together. Still, once teams have been formed, the AIM students are given useful tools to assist them in maintaining healthy teams. Likewise, the AIM students undertake a series of team dynamics and discussions designed to help strengthen relationships between the team members. Developing strong relationships in Lubbock helps to create stronger relationships on the mission field. Strengthening such bonds only helps to improve the ministry of the AIMers as they leave Lubbock, Texas.

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3. Mission Field Experience

Wokring on a Mission Field changes lives

After eight months in Lubbock those students approved for the field spend a minimum of 14 months on a foreign or domestic mission field (and up to 22 months, depending on each student's choice). Students go in teams which are formed after about the fourth month of their time in Lubbock.

While on the field, they work with experienced missionaries of the Lord's church all over the world. These AIM coordinators have AIM students help them to serve the church and to reach the lost. While on the field we reach out to the lost, teach others about Jesus, teach children's classes, organize youth activities, serve the church and proclaim Jesus in our talk and in our walk.

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