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Wherever - Camp Adventure 2021 

Camp Adventure Update


We are excited to announce that CampAdventure will be taking place this year! The dates for this year’s CampAdventure will be March 6th to March 11th. The cost for camp will be $100. An important change that should be noted is we will be closing registration on March 1st and will not accept any registrations after that date. Another change we have made for this year is that we will be hosting CampAdventure at White River Youth Camp (WRYC) near Spur,TX (approx 45 min. outside Lubbock). We have made arrangements to get all campers from Lubbock to Spur. We have made this move this year for several reasons. There are logistical challenges that present themselves due to COVID-19. Having CampAdventure at WRYC mitigates several of those challenges. The move also allows us to put into place a number of protocols that will help to enhance the safety of everyone participating in CampAdventure.

We know that having CampAdventure creates risk and anyone who participates needs to know that there is a risk in participating. Having said that, we want to share with you a number of protocols we believe will help us be as safe as possible. First, as everyone shows up for registration we will be taking each camper’s temperature. Anyone with a temp above 100.4 degrees will be isolated and rechecked in 10 minutes. If they still have a temperature above 100.4 they will not be able to participate in Camp Adventure. As previously stated, we have chosen to host CampAdventure at WRYC. This has allowed us to greatly enhance our ability to limit the number of outside guests that tend to drop by during CampAdventure. Because of the design of WRYC, we will have more space than we normally do. This will allow us to spread out more while having CampAdventure. We will be taking every person’s temperature every morning. We will also insist that everyone sanitizes their hands before every meal. Those working to prepare food will be required to wear masks and gloves. They will also be serving the food for the campers for every meal. Condiments will be given out in single serve containers as opposed to community bottles. There will be an abundance of hand sanitizer readily available all during camp.

Those interested in attending CampAdventure should register on our website: Remember that registration will close on March 1st and there will be no registering at the start of CampAdventure. Every camper will need to bring a signed release of liability agreement along with their medical form. You will also need to bring: Bible, notebook, comfortable walking shoes, work clothes, sleeping bag & toiletries, and spending money.

We are excited about getting to have CampAdventure this year! We are thankful to White River Youth Camp for allowing us to host CampAdventure on their wonderful campgrounds. We are anticipating incredible singing, great lessons, fun memories, and most importantly being drawn into a deeper and stronger relationship with our Heavenly Father. We look forward to seeing you at CampAdventure 2021 “Wherever”.

Camp Adventure - March 6-11, 2021

Saturday, March 6 - Begins with registration from 1-2:30 (masks required during for registration and graduation).
Thursday, March 11 - Ends by 11am, lunch is not provided.
If you come early or stay later, you will need to arrange other housing.

Cost: $100. Price includes t-shirt and a few meals. Please also bring $50 for spending money (cash).

Who can come? Juniors, Seniors and college age. Exceptions are made if camper is a sibling of current AIMer, or by previous arrangements with the director.

What to bring? Mask, Bible, notebook, comfortable walking shoes, work clothes, sleeping bag & toiletries, spending money.

(Due to COVID restrictions and the Sunset Vision Workshop being an online event only, the Camp Adventure Weekend has been cancelled for 2021)

Registration is closed

Adult General Liability Waiver

Adult Medical Release Form


Minor General Liability Waiver

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